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I become enamored with too many ships, too many fandoms, and my life is a mess. I'm a fangirl of the highest degree.

I'm a 20 year old college student trying to figure out what to do with my life and distracting myself from the stresses of life via tumblr.



Louis is eating cereal in the left side !!

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one day you will become a killing machine and murder many people

godspeed little hippo

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what a team of  ”SUPER DANCERS”   O.O

need help here !!!

so much love for each1 of them n RDJ is the KING for sure …. 

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mean moves

I’m totally into it.
I’ll admit, I’m kinda wondering what the applicative capacity is; same time, pretty sick.

Applicative capacity: being a superhero.

applicative capacity: The apocalypse.

Applicative Capacity: The Hunger Games

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Niall telling these people to kindly shut the fuck up.
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STOP. I wasn’t expecting that.

I’ve been dying laughing at this for 15 minutes now.

The cat is me on family holidays.

I don’t normally reblog cat gifs… but this made me snort xD 

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if you don’t think ian somerhalder is the most attractive man alive i don’t know what to say to you

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We’re the only community that always has the Bank Holiday weekend in May. They’re looking to change it, for the first time ever in history. (x)

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“my first real crush was.. louis tomlinson.”
“i love all the lads, but harry is my best mate.”
“i’d marry you, harry.” 
“until i find the perfect girl, i have louis.”
“i’d definitely date louis.” 
“i think he’s (harry’s) always wonderful.” 
harry is beautiful.” 

You forgot “i’d take harry for The night”

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remember how in Hairspray the overweight clumsy protagonist got the hot boy in the end, and the only thing about her that changed was her hairstyle? I feel like we need to talk about Hairspray more


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